Our project consists of office building and workshop which is going for  LEED v3 2009.

The workshop is 105 feet wide, which is not able to compliance for IEQ Prerequisite 1  using operable windows (25 feet) as per ASHRAE 62.1 2007. But if we follow ASHRAE 62.1 2013, we can achieve natural ventilation for the workshop building with respect to ceiling height (Section 6.4).

My query is if we follow ASHRAE 62.1 2013 as per LEED Interpretation ID# 10416 for EQ Prerequisite Minimum Indoor Air Quality Performance and EQ Credit Increased Ventilation it won't affect other credits (Like we follow ASHRAE 90.1 2007 & ASHRAE 55 2007 for other credits) right???? 

Please Clarify,