As a commercial "wood only" flooring contractor we often do site finished wood floors on LEED projects, mostly in Texas. For years now we have been challenged by the 250 g/l VOC limitation on the wet applied stain products. All of the other products we use on site are VOC compliant but the stain comes in at 540 g/l VOC.

We have used several brands of compliant stain on LEED projects over the past few years and they have all presented problems such as excessive dry times, washed out colors etc. The few that did work have recently been discontinued bringing this issue back to light. We would appreciate any guidance in how to overcome this obstacle.

None of the wood floor stain manufacturers we speak with or buy from seem to care nor are they being asked for compliant products, not even in California? ... Obviously we are missing something.

Cities like Dallas have adopted Green Building programs requiring even non-LEED projects to follow similar criteria making the VOC limits on field applied stain quite the headache. Surely the intent of these requirements is not to convert all commercial wood flooring to prefinished.

Sorry for the back story but here are my questions.

Is it currently common practice on commercial LEED projects for GC's to run VOC budgets or that is still being avoided due to the paperwork and time involved?

Are there new v.4 shortcut methods that might simplify this problem?

Side note: I was told by the stain manufacturer that some states have laws which only address packaging in gallons, indicating they do not care to regulate quarts. I have a hunch this is how some are skirting the issue but it seems ridiculous to buy stain in quarts, mix up several gallons of a custom color and put it back into quart cans to bring onsite.

Whether Texas has such a law or not, this will still not be a solution for LEED criteria anyway correct?

Thank You