We have a project with a 4-story horizontal addition being added (it is actually a healthcare facility, but there are not currently any Q/A's in the HC Forum).  Being helathcare, there is a large expanse of surface parking already exisitng (mainly along the 'front' side of the building).  The addition will be in the 'back' and will have a new surface lot designed/constructed as part of the project scope.  When figuring out the 5%/10% numbers, do we have to take into account all of the exisitng surface lot spaces or can we just count the new spaces that will be within our project boundary?  The wording in the credit language is a little gray for Option 1: "Install electrical vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) in 5% of all parking spaces used by the project or..." and Option 2 doesn't have the same language: "Make 10% of parking spaces or at least 6 spaces, whichever is greater, EV Ready." The difference in the amount of spaces that would need to be provided is substantial! Thank you!