Dear All,

we are currently certifying an Hospitality project under LEED v4. This project includes a laundry area accessible to all building occupants, where some washing machines are installed.

In what relates with Indoor Water Use Reduction credit, to achieve credits associated with appliances efficiency, we are using compliance against table 2 (commercial washing machines). We are aware that to follow this path, we need to ensure our project processes at least 57.606 kg of laundry per year (in addition to the specific efficiency requirements for washing machines). We already have verified that expected laundry process is higher than minimum.

According to table 2, to be eligible to earn this credit, installed capacity appears to be also a relevant criteria (a minimum of 1.088 kg per 8-hour shift is referred). Can you please clarify if this is relevant or if any installed washing machine capacity is eligible as long as the minimum laundry amount (57.606 kg) is processed yearly?

Thanks in advance,