I have a reviewer requesting that we oversize the PROPOSED case for a "possibly conditioned in the future" warehouse.
We have usually modeled the BASELINE case and PROPOSED case identical, then oversized the cooling and heating for the BASELINE by 1.15 and 1.25 respectively.
On this project, for some reason, he/she is requesting that we oversize the PROPOSED also "to make them identical"
My question is: is the identical requirement in Table G3.1 section 10.c & d prior to taking into account section G3.1.2.2 Equipment Capacities, or does it simply not apply when we have nothing defined. Or an erroneous interpretation on the reviewers part.

I do not have a USER'S MANUAL, that may explain it a little better, so I am also interpreting the way I have an all my previous project.

My interpretation is the Systems are identical, though the Capacities are adjusted in the BASELINE (oversized)