We are working on a post-secondary education project incorporating both gendered and all-gender restrooms. We are trying to understand if we can pursue the All-Gender Restrooms pilot credit.

According to Option 2b in credit requirements, “a third multi-stall facility shall be added to the traditionally gendered multi-stall facilities present in restroom banks.”

Does this mean that an all-gender multi-stall restroom facility is to be added adjacent to every cluster of gendered restrooms (male & female) on every floor level of the building?

How do we interpret this credit with respect to verticality? For example, if in a 5-storey building, there are gendered multi-stall facilities on L2, L3 and L5, but only all-gender multi-stall restrooms (occupying the same area as a cluster of gendered restrooms including both male and female facilities) at the corresponding locations on L1 and L4, would the requirements of the credit be met?

Thank you so much for your insight!