Hello everyone,

I am currently working on a project located in Europe and I have some questions that I would like to clarify about this credit. 

  1. In a mechanically ventilated residential building, is it correct to apply for Option 2, following CEN Standards EN 15251–2007 and EN 13779–2007? Considering that EN 13779–2007 is for non-residential buildings, should I refer to CEN/TR 14788, which is designed for residential buildings based on EN 13779–2007? I am uncertain, as LEED does not provide clear guidance on this matter.
  2. For natural ventilation, is it still possible to fulfill the credit with ASR 5 compliance? Or is it mandatory to follow ID#100002216? 
  3. Regardless of the previous answer, does this path (Europ ACP) still apply to residential areas? Consider that ASR 5 and the information from ID#100002216 come from different versions of the "Arbeitsstaettenrichtlinie," translated as "Directive on the Workplace."

Thanks in advance