Someone posted a similar question, but we pushed it a little bit futher and we would like to have your imput:

We’re planning to design several office buildings with open space concepts. Office employees will be allowed to select their desk every time they come in via an app.

To offer a better level of comfort, we were thinking of creating a few different thermal zones within the open space where the temperature would be kept at slightly different values. For example, the space could be divided in four areas that are kept at 21, 22, 23 and 24°C respectively. This information would be shared on the reservation app so that people would be allowed to choose where they would be seated based on their personal preference.

Since this would technically allow all employees the freedom to choose their thermal space when they come to work, we were wondering if this approach would be acceptable to meet the Thermal Comfort requirements of having 50% of individual spaces with controls.

Thank you !