I am at a loss for the comments made by our LEED reviewer about an aerosol adhesive. The product is a general purpose mist spray aerosol adhesive with a VOC content of 53.2% by weight. According to the Green Seal Standard for Commercial Adhesives GS-36 the limit for a general purpose mist spray adhesive is 65% by weight. The LEED reviewer is asking us to convert the VOC content to grams per liter and claiming that if we do this we are no longer compliant with the standard. The standard is clearly based on a percent weight not on a grams/liter value. It seems LEED is asking us to compare apples and oranges. The template adds to the confusion by not listing units on its form and the footnote about converting to grams per liter only appears when you click on the VOC budget option.
Has anyone else struggled with this?