I am working on a project that includes a large existing cold storage facility that will essentially double in size after renovations. Based on the design and layout of the project, it appears that the building qualifies as one-building in LEED terms, so both existing and new portions of the building will be included in the project boundary. My question is whether the existing refrigeration system needs to be commissioned or if we are only required to commission the new systems. My thought would be that because the existing systems will be included in the project, they must be commissioned. However, as we are talking to potential CxA's, one brought up a valid point. Say they do commission the existing systems, who is responsible if issues do arise? We are not installing these systems, so they are outside of our scope of work. Further information, the current Owner was not the Owner when the project was built (10ish years ago), so we do no know if commissioning took place as part of the original project.