i am PhD student here in Tianjin University. i am writting my thesis and one chapter of my thesis about introduction and analysis of LEED. Cause of my thesis related to "Establish zero Carbon  assessment standards for Green campus", so i want to know which assessment tool is suitable for higher education campus in LEED ?

in my thesis.. i Conclueded that, LEED v4.1 BD+C、LEED v4.1 O+M is sutable for Colleges and University campus assessment.

1)is that correct conclution ?

2) I would like to analyze the LEED v4.1 BD+C、LEED v4.1 O+M THIS two assessment systems, Carbon Related part(Carbon emission Calculation part)...  is there any article which i can read ? or any thesis you guys you might know, articles that analyzed the Carbon emission part of LEED v4.1 BD+C、LEED v4.1 O+M?

Looking foward to hearing you.

Kind reagrds,