Im confuse, on which path i should choose to register my project and it's fee.

Scenario :
the project has a huge parcel of land, and consist few building.

We have 3 identical residential tower sit on a shared parking bay (above grade - 4 storey) and facing a 4 storey commercial shop lot. All these building owned by a same owner and construct at the same time.

i read through the "LEED CAMPUS Guidance - Updated April 1, 2014" and felt that i can register as "Group" under LEED CS.

My inquiry is

1. Are we eligible to register under "Group"?
2.The registration fee and review cost is base on the number of building we have in the "Group" ?
3. can we category the residential building (3 identical residential tower building) as 1 building for review submission ?

Please help.