Our project involves multiple renovations of areas within a large hospital. We are applying under CI rather than Healthcare because the project is not a total gut. Our intent is to follow Option 1 under EAc1.3.
QUESTION 1: CPG section 1.4 talks about "sizing heating and cooling equipment". The building is served by numerous central station VAV AHUs which our intent is to reuse (assuming our load calculations will support that, which we believe they will). On that basis, the project will not have any new equipment, other than VAV terminals where zoning requirements will not allow reuse of existing. This doesn't invalidate our ability to comply with 1.4, does it?
QUESTION 2: Regarding the zoning/control criteria, I had been under the belief that statement "interior spaces must be separately zoned" meant separately zoned from spaces with solar exposures. In the Checklist online there's a statement "all interior spaces separated by full, floor-to-ceiling partitions have to be separately zoned". Surely not from each other? If we have 3 identical interior spaces (e.g., all offices or all exam rooms) this doesn't mean there would need to be 3 different VAV terminals controlled by 3 different space thermostats, does it?
QUESTION 3:The hospital is served by a central plant of hot water boilers and centrifugal chillers. Because this plant serves the entire building, the capacity is considerably larger than what is needed to serve just our total project's work area. How does this get addressed when we fill out the compliance form?