Hi all. Wanted to seek your comments on consideration of our developments as "single building" so it can fit into one LEED certification. Our development is consists of 3 buildings that connected via link-bridge and theirs functions are supporting each other, owned by the same landlord, and constructed at the same construction timeline. The main reason this development is constructed into 3 buildings is the vibration sensitive tools that can be mixed with other building function. These 3 buildings are:
(1) Admin building that housing office for administration for manufacturing
(2) FAB building that main function as manufacturing and housing very vibration sensitive tools, hence it requires to be structurely separated with the MEP spaces and office spaces
(3) CUP building that housing MEP to support the entire development.
The main reason why we would prefer under single certification is due to difficulties on documentation if we require to go for 3 certificates, since this development is only have single people access via Admin building and there is no people access directly to other buildings as part of security measures. Hence all building users need to access from Admin building. Additionally it is constructed under one construction contract. Hence all documentations are not being separated for these 3 buildings. It will be plenty of paper works to split out the documentations. We have reviewed the Campus option as well, but not all credit are can be covered. Hence it still complicate our submission. This development is served with common HVAC system, water distribution, and Building Automation System.