Hello, we are working on a previously developed site with existing imperviousness less than 50% (Option 1, case 1). Our engineer has made the calculations for the 1 and 2 year, 24 hr design storms for the predevelopment conditions:

1 year, 24hr = 0.15 cfs and 2,497.8 cf/storm
2 year, 24hr = 0.19 cfs and 4,425.4 cf/storm

100% of the Post development Stormwater coming from the site and roofs will be infiltrated on site, so the results are zero for both rate and quantity. However the leedonline template does´t recognise any points if 0 value is entered for the post development condition, if you enter any number higher than 0 (example: 0.01) it does recognise the points.

How can we get credit for 100% infiltration on site??