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LEED Project Management - Project Schedule & Timeline Module

LEED Project Management Course

LEED Project Management - Project Schedule & Timeline Module

In order to successfully contribute to a LEED project, it is important to have an understanding of how the LEED process integrates within a typical design and construction schedule. Every new construction or renovation project, whether large or small, moves through certain project phases beginning with design development, design completion (also called 100% Construction Drawings), site demolition, construction commencement, building department inspection, and finally ending with project completion & move-in. Similarly, each LEED project adheres to certain milestones in the process of pursuing certification, including the LEED Charrette, LEED Design Phase Review, Fundamental Commissioning, Construction Phase Review, culminating with the achievement of LEED Certification.

Participants will learn about the overall LEED process including key elements such as the LEED Charrette, Enhanced Commissioning, subcontractor kick-off as well as the Design and Construction Review Phases. We’ll cover the nuances of the Design Phase vs Construction Phase Review, as well as the ‘Preliminary’ vs ‘Final’ Review, explaining the difference between ‘Anticipated’ and ‘Awarded’. We’ll discuss how to establish target dates for each based around the master project schedule.

This CEU module will culminate with a real-world project-based exercise in which participants are tasked with identifying how and where the key LEED milestones integrate within a typical design & construction schedule.

This interactive, project-based CEU module is designed for professionals who are somewhat familiar with the LEED Rating System, but who are looking to go beyond the basics to gain a deeper understanding of the unique timeline and processes involved with managing a LEED project. The ultimate goal of this Project Schedule & Timeline module, as with all of our LEED Project Management CEU series, is to empower you with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to make an immediate impact on future LEED projects.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the key LEED milestones on a typical LEED BD+C, ID+C, or O+M project from start to finish.
  2. Describe the LEED review process including Design & Construction Phase Review as well as the Preliminary and Final Reviews from LEED BD+C, ID+C, or O+M.
  3. Identify which construction phase LEED BD+C or ID+C credit(s) may need to be started during design and why.
  4. Describe the advantages of doing a ‘Split Review’ vs a ‘Combined Review’ for a LEED BD+C or ID+C project.
  5. Describe when Enhanced Commissioning needs to begin in order to meet LEED BD+C or LEED ID+C credit requirements.
  6. Identify what typically comes first and what comes last on a LEED project.
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