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Using the LEED Pilot Credit Library

About pilot credits

LEED pilot credits are intended to facilitate the introduction of new credits into the LEED rating systems. The process allows teams to test drive new, innovative credits that haven't been through the full balloting process. USGBC uses the pilot credit process to collect feedback directly from project teams and use those insights to fine tune the credit requirements, and determine whether a given pilot credit should be officially adopted into the rating system. Pursuing pilot credits is one way for teams to earn points within the Innovation credit category.

What is the USGBC pilot credit library?

USGBC created the pilot credit library so that project teams can easily browse the available pilot credits and their requirements. You can access the pilot credit here. Just filter for your project’s rating system and version, and the pilot credits that are open for registration will appear. Click on any credit and you’ll see additional information on how to achieve that credit. Note that pilot credits that are closed to new registrations are at the very bottom (click the + button).