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Understanding the Cost of LEED-NC Project Certification

Update: Cost of LEED v4

LEEDuser is now offering a report on the Cost of LEED v4. The report describes, for each prerequisite and credit in LEED v4, what strategies you’ll want to use, and what they are likely to cost. In a 10-page case study, the report takes a medical office building certified LEED Gold under LEED 2009, and performs a virtual upgrade to LEED v4, with details on cost. Get the Cost of LEED v4 here

What does LEED-NC cost?

How much does LEED certification cost? Earning a LEED certification for a project involves several different types of costs, and you have to consider each separately to get an accurate picture.

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Nadav Malin

Honorary AIA, LEED Fellow

BuildingGreen, Inc.

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