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College & University Tip Sheet for LEED BD+C v4

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LEEDuser tip sheets, written by our team of LEED experts, fill gaps in knowledge we’ve observed between the LEED Reference Guide, LEED Online, and LEED Interpretations. We update them regularly so that our members get the most relevant guidance for current issues on their projects.

College and university projects can present unique challenges in pursuit of LEED certification. Most higher-education building projects involving new construction or major renovations will fall under the LEED Building Design and Construction (BD+C) Rating System. This rating system was originally conceived of to address a single, stand-alone building project with its own dedicated site. A campus setting, where a building project is one of many on a shared site, can present unique challenges in pursuing LEED certification. This Tip Sheet was developed to provide LEED practitioners with guidance to understand and overcome some of these challenges.

There are three distinct approaches for pursing certification in a campus setting:

LEEDuser expert

Jim Nicolow


Lord Aeck Sargent, a Katerra Company
Director of Sustainability

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