We are working on a project that intends to apply a zinc-rich primer whose concentration is below 340 g/L (According to California Air Ressources Board).

The volume is so low that we do not want the product to meet the General Emissions Evaluation (it would comply with the 10% threshold, for Emissions). We need it to comply with the 100% threshold of VOC Content.  

My question is: would it be enough to provide the Specification Sheet of the product stating that it is below 340 g/L (in fact, it has a concentration of 335 g/L)?, our should it also state "According to CARB" or "According to SCAQMD Rule 1113" 

Speaking with the manufacturer, they do not have a measurement method for this product because it is a mixture of many different chemical compounds and the VOC content is estimated via software. 

What has been your experience?