An O+M existing building project is going to be registered soon on USGBC.

But I am confused with the following matters.

In guideline, there is a definition in ESTABLISHMENT of SS rainwater management.

Use low-impact development (LID) practices to capture and treat water from 25% of the impervious surfaces for the 
95th percentile storm event. ]

There is also a definition of [manage] at the end of this credit

[manage (rainwater) on site to capture and retain a specified volume of rainfall to mimic natural hydrologic 
function. Examples of rainwater management include strategies that involve evapotranspiration, infiltration, and 
capture and reuse.

I wonder what 'treat' means. Is it correct that water should be captured, percolated into the soil on site; or is it correct that water should be captured,  reused for example for toilet flushing water or something, or both are OK? If both are OK, Is it possible to implement the two measures simultaneously?