Dear all,

We have a project registered on the V4 version of LEED.

We are in the process of specifying products for the construction company to install during the construction phase.

We would like to switch to V4.1 for the Materials and Resources: Materials ingredients credit, for the V4.1 version of the standard - October 2021 and apply option 2 of this credit.

So we will start installing 5 products from 3 different manufacturers in compliance with the LEED requirements requested in this option.

The problem is that our LEED CONSTRUCTION REVIEW will be due in a year and a half, and we have the concern that we will see another last minute update to the V4.1 standard that contains different requirements from the V4.1 - October 2021 version while knowing that our project construction is based on the requirements of the older version. Therefore, our project may be deemed non-compliant.

My question is, does the V4.1 - October 2021 version remain valid and applicable for the end of our project even if another more recent version of V4.1 comes into effect?

In case our LEED CONSTRUCTION REVIEW coincides with the release of another version of V4.1 2022, will the USGBC reviewers audit the compliance of the project based on the V4.1 - October 2021 version or on the most recent version?

We are all confused.

We will appreciate your feedback.