In the "LEED 2009 Supplemental MPR Guidance" document we found that there is an exception that may allow an owner occupied building to qualify under LEED-CI rather than NC (page 10). It seems we are in a bit of grey area as to which rating system to use for this project and even if either will result in an acceptable boundary line.

The building is an existing building, 100% owner occupied & managed, with horizontal separation by a party wall that separates “National Corporate Offices” from “NJ Distribution Warehouse”. Much of the warehouse is a recent addition and is largely unconditioned space and there are no plans to renovate any part of the warehouse. Renovations to the Corporate Offices will include gut interior renovation and new mechanicals.

Per checklist/scorecard, the project stands to earn approximately the same number of points under either rating system. Is there any benefit to the pursuit of LEED-NC over LEED-CI and if for some reason the requirements are interpreted as not being met after project registration for LEED-CI, may we attempt to switch to LEED-NC?