I am posting this question largely because the credit langauage is not very clear(maybe language nativity issues here). In the Reference Guide, "A Trip" is defined as follows-

A trip is considered the point at which passengers embark or disembark from a transit vehicle at a Stop. For a given route, count Trips in only one direction.

Now what I want to understand is whether they mean A trip is the "Point in time" or the "Point in space"?

Point in time Scenario:

Bus route number A stops at the Bus Stop near my Project 15 times (6.00 am, 7.00am... till 10.00pm) in a day. Route B stops 30 times. Route C stops 30 times (including late night services)- So I have 75 trips and get 1 point 


Point in Space scenario:

On the Way from my Project (Before and After my Stop), Bus Route A stops at 10 different locations. Route B- 12 locations and Route C- 20 Locations- So I have 42 trips and 0 points.

Please advise which is correct. Thanks