We have a project located in Vienna. More than %80 of the landscaped areas has been designed for no irrigation including green roof. Drip irrigation system (potable water) will be used for the groundcover of courtyard and shrubs. In this case is it possible to follow Option 2 Path 2 since the courtyard which is irrigated with potable water corresponds less than %20, contains low water need species and uses a water efficient irrigation system (drip irrigation system)? In case we need to choose option 1, then the question arises; is there a way to include no irrigation to the water consumption reduction calculations ?
I have already tried to include no irrigated areas to calculations by assigning the value 0 (zero) to the ks (species factor), the value 1 (one) to IE (irrigation efficiency) and 'other' to irrigation type.
It calculates, but at the end when I check compliance, it forces me to choose either sprinkler irrigation or drip irrigation, does not accept 'other'.

I have also another question regarding to Reference evapotranspiration rate (ETo). I have checked the World Water and Climate Atlas of International Water Management Institute, but could not provide the information because of a server error. Is there any other source that I can use for a project in Austria?

Any help would be appreciated!