We are trying to certify a store inside a mall, and are pursuing WEpr1 and WEc1. In order to pursue WEc1, we are installing toilets inside our store both for employees and for customers, but we are not changing the toilets outside our store.
1. Is it correct to say (option 1) that only fixture and fittings located only within out tenant space meet the needs of the occupants? I believe that once he is out of our store he is not my occupant anymore!!
2. Does LEED say how many toilets I need to install for X quantity of people?
3. Do they need to be "accesible" for retail customers? (the architects are planning to put the toilets in the storage section, and if any customer has needs they have to ask our employee for the keys so they don't steal any products) Our local law (Argentina) doesn't oblige me to put toilets in the store, so legally I can put them wherever I want, and legally our customers will use the toilets of the mall. What can I do to get the WEc1 points?