Using the logic from the previous posts below on water closets, flushmeters and bowls etc, one might draw a conclusion that the GBCI has a similar response/position for urinals that are NOT complete systems and have a flushmeter and a bowl.  There ARE water flushing urinals that are complete systems and those can also be watersense labeled.  It is also clear that both flushmeters and bowls for urinals can now be water sense labeled - and we should encourage usage of those systems whenever possible. 

However...I just received the following comment on review of documentation of a flushmeter and bowl urinal system. 

"Provide confirmation that all newly installed urinals that are eligible for labeling are WaterSense labeled (or a local equivalent for projects outside the U.S.)" -- GBCI reviewer comment

Has anyone else received similar comments when using flushmeter/bowl urinals and what is the resolution?  Just the bowl...the flushmeter...both - need to be watersense.


Is my response simply....flushmeter and bowl urinal systems are not technically watersense labeled together?  therefore...all ELIGIBLE urinals...are watersense labeled or simply don't exist.