Hi -

We are working on an interior commercial fit out project in a base building that already has all water fixtures installed. I just want to confirm that I understand the phrase "as applicable to the project scope" correctly:

For the prerequisite, the project will not need to purchase and install any new fixtures, therefore there are no new fixtures in the project scope. The 20% reduction requirement and the Watersense label requirement do not need to be applied to the existing base building fixtures. On the submittal form we would tick the box saying "All eligible newly installed fixtures and fittings are WaterSense labeled" - since we have zero newly installed fixtures.

However, for the WE credit we would like to pursue some points for water use reduction, so we need to use the Usage Based Calculations method, and we need to include all fixtures and fittings necessary to meet the needs of the occupants.

Is this all correct?

Thanks and regards,