Hi Users,

In one of fo our project we got a comments in low emitting materials ,  like whether the considered materials in low emitting materials has not  appear within the waterproofing membrane have been entered in the calculator , In this I had doubt with this commeent , how can I installed materials are within water proff membrane.

kindly any one guide me how to achiceve this point, For your reference,I have enclosed the comments which I got on lowemitting materials  on below,

1. It does not appear that all products installed within the waterproofing membrane have been entered in the
calculator, including but not limited to Saint Gobain Window Glass and Lambton Doors, which are
documented within the MRc Building Products Calculator, and wood floors, wood ceiling structures, wall
coverings, glazed doors, reception desk, table, and seating, training tables, storage furniture, meeting tables,
wall base, and break room furniture, which are shown in the documentation within PI Project Information.
Provide the following:
a. A revised Low-Emitting Materials Calculator that includes all products, in the attempted categories, installed
b. . The VOC emissions evaluations and furniture emissions evaluations, as available