I am working on a warehouse/distribution project that has approx. 200,000 sf warehouse/ distribution space with a 6,444 sf office that supports the warehouse operations. There are 14 full time and 1 part time employee - 10 of the employees work in the warehouse, 4 work in the office. The warehouse floor is typically occupied by palletized product covering over 160,000 sf. The product is arranged in blocks with 10 foot wide forklift aisles.

On Table L1 - I Listed Warehouse Gross Area as 200,000sf with 40,000sf Regularly Occupied. (1) Is this logic correct? The reality is - of that 40,000sf, only a small portion is really used by the employees since most of their time is spent on forklifts passing through the space or moving product with a handcart. (2) Should I present a more accurate "occupied" area to help other credits??

I am also having difficulty with calculating Transients in the Total Daily Occupancy table. I have:
14 full time employees
1 part time
8 hour days/5 days a week
It's rare that a visitor comes - typically a drop off by Fedex or similar type of visitor, perhaps 2 at most in a day.
(3) In this case how do I show the Peak and Daily Average???

I used Simple Occupancy for table PIF3-2 yielding 15 FTE's

I added a Narrative indicating the above information in the Special Circumstances box

Thanks in advance