I have been receiving LEED material forms along with submittal documents for each materials where they provide an exact distance between the manufacturing site and the project site, but when it comes to the distance between the extraction site to the project site it's either "<500 miles" or "> 500 miles".  I prefer to have both distances exact just to be sure what the manufacturer is saying is true, so I will have to send some of the forms back to be revised.  But then I check the submittal form for one of these materials with the vague "> 500 mile" extraction distance, and it says the reason they cannot provide exact extraction distance is because they regard location of its raw materials "as proprietary company information, the disclosure of which could have a negative impact on its competitiveness."  What do I do then, should I still send that form back to be revised with actual distance or leave it as is and take their word on it?