I am trying to fill out this LEED calculator for the 5 HVAC materials that we are using on a project, 440 Gasket Tape, Duct Sealant DP1015, Oatey No 5. Paste Flux, CP 606, RectorSeal T Plus 2 and I cannot find anything I need. I have all of these SDS sheets, submittals, basically everything and I still do not have enough to fill out this calculator.

I have 0 idea how to find out if these materials are inherently nonemitting, I haven't found a single TVOC range, I have found the VOC contents for all of these but none of them state the regulation they use and the only options I have are SCAQMD Rule 1113, SCAQMD Rule 1168, European Decopaint Directive, California Air Resources Board, Hong Kong Air Pollution, Canadian VOC concentration.

It looks like most of these are ASTM or OSHA certified and I know most of these are LEED V4 certified as well and I still cannot fill out this calculator.