We are working on design for a high school taking an all-gender approach to toileting. Each all-gender restroom has 10 private stalls with communal lavatories. The project is considering making one stall in each toilet area a urinal instead of a toilet. In essence, it will be the equivalent of 5 female toilets, 4 male toilets, and 1 male urinal. This would be occurring in all toilet areas across the school.

In the LEED calculator, there is a note stating:

"To determine the percent of males expected to use the restrooms with urinals, check the project floor plans to determine whether urinals are present in all male restrooms and in all gender-neutral/ADA restrooms. Enter 100% if all male and gender-neutral/ADA restrooms have urinals. Enter 0% if the project contains no urinals."

My question is: does having one urinal per toilet area meet the criteria for "urinals present in male restrooms"? In which case, I could say that 100% of males are expected to use urinals? Or is the ratio important? If a project with gendered toilet rooms had male rooms with 1 urinal and 4 toilets, would that matter to the calculation?