We are working on getting an addition certified under version 3.0 that is being added onto an original structure that was certified under version 2.1.

According to the Minimum Program Requirements handbook, we cannot count any existing hardscape in the project boundary towards SSc7.1 under version 3 since we had already earned it previously in version 2.1 for the original building when the concrete was new. (The diagram at the bottom of page 16 in the MPR handbook is a good example of our situation)

The question is, since the existing grey concrete (which earned SSc7.1 under version 2.1) once again falls into our project boundary, are we supposed to count it toward the TOTAL non-roof hardscape surfaces?

If we do indeed have to add it to the total non-roof hardscape surfaces, we still arent allowed to add it to the qualifying reflective surfaces, thus it would actually hurt our percentage of reflective surfaces on-site, even though it was orginally a high-albedo surface meant to minimize heat islands. We would lose our credit this time around for something that previously qualified for that same credit.

Has anyone run into this type of situation before? What did you do?