Hi! Does anyone have experience with LEED Credit EQc5 Thermal Comfort using thermal simulation?

We know that all occupied rooms should comply to it but is not clear to us if we should model every single occupied room and its systems to prove compliance to this credit.

The LEED Reference Guide and the response from LEED Coach to say that we could just present worst case conditions in the heating / cooling seasons, but it is not clear if they mean worse periods only or if we could interpret it also by worse geometry/conditions. For example, by simulating only rooms with larger windows with higher U-values in winter or rooms more exposed to the sun in summer; and then considering that all other rooms will have more favourable operative temperatures.

We already have a model of the building for the ASHRAE Simulation but at first we do not modell it in such a detail that operative temperature for every zone is calculated. Additionally, we do not model every zone, according to appendix G some are merged and some are multiplied.