Has anyone use a report mor than 3 years old to show compliance with LEED v4.1 VOC Emissions evaluation requirements?  In an addenda from November of 2020 the following change was made:

Under VOC emissions evaluation, replace the third paragraph with "The statement of product compliance must include the exposure scenario(s) used, the range of total VOCs, and must follow the product declaration guidelines in CDPH Standard Method v1.2-2017, Section 8. Manufacturer statements must also include a summary report from the laboratory that is less than 3 years old and the amount of wet-applied product applied in mass per surface area (if applicable). Organizations that certify manufacturers’ claims must be accredited under ISO/IEC Guide 17065. "

Lately I see more and more materials that have reports greater than 3 years old for UL and Berkeley Analytical since nothing about the material has changed and manufactures do not want to spend money to run another report on the same material that already meet the emissions standards.