Good morning,
We are working in a Project in Asunción, Paraguay. In the form of the credit, you have two tables, i have three questions:
1- The value of rate (cm) in the table is the runoff equation of the NRCS method?
2- The value of quantity (cm/storm) in the table, is the quantity of the storm event or the volume? I thought it could be the volume, but the measurement unit (cm/storm) suggests that is the value of precipitation 24 hours.
3- In the case of the project, water will be stored in a tank to achieve the requirement of credit. This volume of water is used to irrigate landscaping. The demonstration that this storage achieves prevent the postdevelopment peak dicharge rate and quantity exceeds the predevelopment peak discharge rate and quantity, must be done in the stormwater management plan? If this is so, the table values are higher post development to pre development?
Thanks in advance for the answer