A large office building is being certified using LEED Core & Shell.

All tenant spaces (3 - 5 per floor) will be endowed with energy meters (power meters only because tenant spaces only use electricity).

Power meters will be installed by the local energy supplier and energy use will be invoiced directly to each tenant. Therefore, each tenant will have a direct relation with the energy supplier, will know exactly the amount of energy that is using and will pay for it (energy use and related costs are detailed in the monthly invoice).

According to Advanced Energy Metering Credit (LEED v4 Building Design and Construction), for Core & Shells projects it is necessary to measure total tenant energy use. This requirement is assured. However, it is also stated that “the data collection system must use a local area network, building automation system, wireless network or comparable communication infrastructure”. In this case, as power meters are installed and used by the energy supplier to invoicing purposes, they cannot be connected to a local automation system.

Do you think that power meters and all the subsequent invoicing process complies with LEED requirements (direct invoicing of energy costs is probably the most effective way to induce energy control behaviors) ? Or do you think we will need to install an additional meter (in the same power line of the supplier meter) and connect it to the local network ?