I am currently working on a Core & Shell project, which is a major renovation, aiming at LEED SILVER.
The building is currently partly vacant, partly occupied by new tenants and partly occupied by existing tenants.
In this connection I am wondering how to handle credit submittals for tenant spaces of existing tenants which are due to move out, but where there is no contract yet with a new tenant.

The basic building structure is to be substantially renovated, within the same contract: façade and overall technical systems and installations, inclusion of renewable energies, exteriors etc.
The tenant-fit outs do not happen in the same contract as the major renovation of the basic building.
For each new tenant a fit-out according to newest standards and according to tenant requirements is performed.

An existing tenant, a school, is currently renting a part of the building. This part is appr. 20% of GFA. No tenant-fit out, installations of new installations, new water armatures have been performed in this tenant space.
This tenant is though moving out within the next year or so. Under these circumstances neither the tenant nor the owner is not interested in refurbishing this tenant space. The tenant space is to be totally renovated including upgrade of the AHU system etc. once a new tenant is known and the lease is final.

Since no data is currently available for the submittal of several credits, the submittal must be based on anticipated or upcoming work. For example for IEQ credit 2: Can data for the AHU for this part of the building be excluded from the IEQ CREDIT 2 INCREASED VENTILATION FORM if the Building Owner prepares a document where they commits themselves to upgrading the ventilation system according to ASHRAE standards when a new tenant is known and the lease is final? Do you see any other options?

The building owner could potentially wait with the LEED certificate until the contract with the new tenant is final. But one important reason why the owner wants a certificate is that he wants to advertise with it as soon as possible to attract new potential tenants.

Thank you for your time.