Dear All,

We wish to clarify on the tenant-level energy simulation for our single floor project located within 40 floors of high rise base-building.

The cooling is sourced from the base-building chiller plant system, distributed into AHU to our tenant project floor.

Within our floor, we designed the air-side using under floor air distribution (UFAD) system. The question on the Proposed energy simulation, we set the UFAD system ONLY within our project area which is one floor. Hence, the energy saving contribution by the UFAD is not significant since the rest of the 39 floors whereby non-LEED area are conventional AHU system. 

Please clarify whether our methodology is correct, in order to get the significant energy savings over baseline, we just extract the energy consumption of air-side on our project floor ONLY, instead of the entire building air-side energy consumption. Hence, same case also to the Baseline case?   

Best regards,

Iqbal K.