Hello all,

We have a C&S office project where the owner prepares technical infrastructure for VRF heating cooling system in tenant area. All tenants are obligated to use VRF system since the base building infrastructure only allow it. However, VRF units will be bought by tenants according to their needs.

We've added system efficiency requirements in tenant lease and modeled the building with VRF. However, the reviewer didn't accept it since the lease is not signed by tenants. It is not possible to get it signed since the project is still in design phase and only a few of the tenants are determined.

In this case, do we have to model all tenant area same as baseline? If we do so, we cannot pass the prerequisite since the improvement in the CS area is very low.

Can we get the lease signed by some of the tenants we know?

Are there any alternative compliance paths for this situation.

Thank you!