Hello fellow LEED experts, my client is confused on wether or not their services buildings has to be include in the current certification or could be certificated separately.

1.The building is beside the hospital on the other side of the parking. It contains cooling tower, transformers, trigeneration and other hvac supportive systems serving to the hospital building. The reason for that is to insulate all these technical premises from the hospital to minimize the sound emissions and any other interactions with the main building and that is a general approach for most of the hospital buildings in the region.

2. So, if our cooling tower, laundry/dishwashers, kitchens, cold rooms, food storage rooms (in summary most of the technical spaces) are located in the technical service building(TSB) which is a separate building outside the LEED boundary and larger than 25,000 sq.ft , could we still apply to WEc4.2 ? And could we count the water savings from washers/dishwashers in TSB for WEc3 credit?

3. There is an underground connection between technical service building and main hospital building consisting in cableway tunnels.