We are developing a hospitality project in Mexico. The HVAC central plant consist in three centrifugal water cooled chillers of 596 Tons each. The efficiency requirements in table 6.8.1C Path B requires a full load efficiency  equal or less than 0.600 kW/TR and 0.4 kW/TR at partial load conditions.  

The selection of the equipment for AHRI conditions has 0.604 kW/TR full load and 0.3822 kW/TR at partial load. We want to know if this 0.004kW/TR affects in the acceptability of the equipment under 90.1-2010 standard. 

Also for the adjusted efficiencies in section for NPLV, the values goes to 0.6424 kW/TR full load and 0.4282 kW/TR partial load. And the NPLV conditions of our equipment are 0.6461 kW/TR full load and 0.3792 kW/TR partial load. 

As the difference between the requirements and the actual values is not significant. Are we complying?

Thanks in advance