We are done with our commissioning process and almost ready to submit for preliminary construction review, however the systems manual (Upload EAc3-1) is develop in Spanish language since it is the native tonge of the country of Mexico.

Systems manual has been reviewed by our commissioning agents and it has been declared that systems manual complies with all requierements necesary.

We will provide a letter in English language stating that the systems manual have been develop and provided and that they all contain the following subjects:

-systems description
-operation and functioning AS-BUILT (with operation sequence, control drawings, one line diagrams and original set points)
-Maintenance (recomended testing, recomended scheduling, recomended calibration and manufacturer contact)
-Common failures and possible causes
-Final BOD and submittals

Will this letter along with systems manual (in Spanish language) will be sufficient? Or do reviwers need to read the entire manual?