Dear Everyone,

I have a question regarding to modeling System Type #9. We are preparing energy model for Hotel based on ASHRAE 90.1-2010 using Carrier HAP. Lots of spaces (above 50) are heated only, as example storages, guest room toilets, technical rooms etc. According to G3.1.1 exception e) we plan to use System Type 9 for that spaces. 

According to G3.1.1 System type #9 should be modeled as system per floor. In previous models we used system 9 per zone - Single Zone CAV due to some recommendations. Also Carrier HAP template for LEED uses Single Zone. This time we want to reduce unnecessary systems in Baseline and we are wondering of modeling this system per floor as ASHRAE states.

System should be CAV warm air furnace with fixed temperature. In order to model this system as multizone VAV boxes must be used per zone or some reheat or terminal device. In Carrier HAP most appropriate solution would be to use CAV without mixing box with terminal reheat. In that case we can not provide fixed temperature but this is the closest to our case.

My question is if we can use system per floor with system described above? or we need to create that 50 systems ( system per zone modeling per ASHRAE 2013)

Best Regards