We are doing the energy model for one of our projects. This project is a luxurious resort with LGF, GF, 1F & 2F will be located in KSA. Greetings!...

We have a question regarding the baseline system for this project. The project consists of guest rooms, dining areas, and play areas on 1F & 2F. Also, there are supportive areas such as resort offices, mep rooms, Elec rooms, tele rooms in LGF, GF
For guest rooms, we have selected System 2 as the baseline system. Can we think of System 2 as a baseline system for other supportive areas, regardless of condition?

Our plan is to consider System 2 as the baseline system for the whole project. Is this acceptable? or we have to classify the spaces and select a baseline system based on type and area.

Please reply as soon as possible.