Just submitted a CI v2009 project for final (combined) review. Initially I was getting error messages that it could not be submitted unless all Prereqs & Credits were marked "complete". Looking at the scorecard, all credits either had a big green check mark (complete) or the word "reviewed", which were credits and prereqs awarded in the preliminary review; their status was not editable. I went through each credit sheet multiple times making sure all the pending /new credits were indeed marked complete and I removed any misc credit not being pursued, but I kept getting the same message. So I thought maybe I should remove the credits already awarded and then try again. When I did that I no longer got an error message and the screen came up with a the list of all the credits I was about to submit. This list showed status as pending, complete, or awarded, with check boxes giving me the option to submit, or not submit individual items. This seemed odd to me; if I was being given the option on this screen to pick and choose what to submit, should I have removed anything from the scorecard? So I canceled and went back and re-added the awarded credits to the scorecard, hit submit, got no error message, and the same screen came up, giving me the submit/don't submit option for each item. I checked each credit, except the ones shown as "awarded", which seemed logical. A short while later I received a confirmation email from the USGBC with a attached Excel spreadsheet summarizing what I submitted. I reviewed it and it showed all the awarded credits as "attempted", "not submitted"...."attempted"?, in my mind that is much different than awarded...was I supposed to submit the awarded credit again?
To confuse things more, before submission I had inadvertently opened and made active, an ID credit form of an awarded item. Since the system saw this as a change, it needed to be resubmitted. This is an only previously awarded credit that shows up as "awarded" on the confirmation spreadsheet.
So was I correct in NOT submitting previously awarded credits in the final review? I know project info and pre-reqs are required to be resubmitted regardless of their preliminary review status, but what about credits?

As they appear to all been used to describe awarded credits in this case, do the terms "awarded", "reviewed", & "attempted" have official definitions within the USGBC, or does it vary depending on platform and document?