The reviewer for a current project of mine did not accept (pending) the Low Emitting Furniture and made the following comments:

That I did not include the systems furniture for the offices (I listed them as "casegoods- offices", which was probably not the right terminology). Additionally, that I did not include info on the one file cabinet in the room, which is actually PART of the system we used in the office and is under the same certification banner.

That I did not include the file cabinets in two other rooms. Well, one is a small safe. Does the other need to be included? It is neither systems furn nor seating.

That I did not include the conference table in the conference room. Again, neither systems furn nor seating.

Is this a matter of me correcting the terminology for the private offices and explaining the rest? Or do these items really need to be included? I've done several of the same building of this type with the same furniture and this has never come up.

I really hate that there is no message system in the projects anymore to ask them questions. The feedback button takes forever for a response and I hate revising and re-uploading and hope it goes during a final review.