We just got a review from a stadium Project we are working on in Brazil and the review team asked us to double check the roof area considered, stating that part of our seating area covers enclosed areas below, which it actually does. However, we read in one post in this section, that "functional, usable spaces" are considered appurtenances and as such may be excluded from the calculations. I think is obvious that the seating area is an usable space, therefore it should not count. Nevertheless, I assume that the review team is aware of this definition, and if so, I'm confused why they asked us to include then...

I even found a LI#10235 that refers to that definitions and was excited to read that one of the related addendas within this tab mentioned LI#1091551 stadium seating! However, as I clicked in the link it saids no matches were found....that would solve our problems here. http://www.usgbc.org/leed-interpretations?keys=10235&=Search

What do you think? Could the seating area be considered appurtenance functional/usable space? The material below the seats is concrete, which has SRI of 35, which would comply for SRI 7.1 but not for SSc7.2 since it's a flat surface therefore requiring SRI 78.

Thanks for all the insights!