Dear all,

A short feedback about our experience concerning SS PC 45 use, for two office projects in France (one new build under LEED NC V3 and one major refurbishment under LEED CS V3).

For both projects, LEED and French "HQE" (High Environmental Quality) certification is also targeted. Within "HQE" certification, it is compulsory to make a site assessment at the beginning of the project. Therefore, these studies were already made when we decided to target this SS pc 45

Our “standard” site assessments includes the same environmental issues : pollution, transportation, access, etc… ; however to best fits SS pc45 requirements, we have made a specific document.
Some pilot credit issues were complementary, for instance : adjacent properties, human health impact (vulnerable population, adjacent physical activity opportunities).

Finally, I will say that this SS pc 45 credit is a good one, especially for countries where making a site assessment at the beginning of the projet is not a “standard practice”.

I hope that helps.

Kind regards,